Make work,
work, work.


We’re young, native and restless for change

Restless Natives from Intercultural Youth Scotland is an employability service dedicated to supporting young, diverse talent into sustainable careers for life. 

diversity means a better bottom line & happier staff

Every good company needs a diverse work force.
The benefits to bottom line have been proven. According to a McKinsey & Co report, US companies with a diverse Executive Board have a 95% higher return on equity. Read the full report here.

More energy, more innovation, more global perspectives aren’t the only benefits. When staff feel they can bring their whole selves to work they are happier, more productive and less likely to move on.

Bringing cultural proficiency to the workplace

Attracting and retaining diverse talent isn’t simple. Intercultural Youth Scotland starts at a community-level to build relationships and gain cultural proficiency. We used that knowledge to support employers and employees to understand each others cultural differences and build a stronger workforce.

Step into a brighter, more colourful future

If you want to create a legacy of diversity within your workforce, Restless Natives from Intercultural Youth Scotland can help you take that step.

We work with your human resources department to recruit and mentor your employees in a culturally sensitive way. If you think this could be the right collaboration for your company, contact us here.