Participation and Representation:

IYS Improves representation and participation of disengaged intercultural young people in Scotland through bridging the gap in youth services, wider communities and politics.


Effective Provision

IYS is the leading expert in Intercultural Young People, providing ongoing direct specialist support, social justice and vital pathways with a focus on nurturing talent showcasing grass root gifts!


Anti-Racism Practice

Support intercultural young people to have pride, understand and stand up for their rights, challenge inequality and be active challenging racism and discrimination.

We encourage a collective action of less heard intercultural voices in Scotland, creating social impact and justice. We broaden horizons and offer direct, specialist support and vital pathways for Scottish intercultural young people who face barriers to success. 

We provide specialised inclusive weekly services to nurture talent, enhance voices and deliver cultural gender equality. We build upon experience and consistent support with intercultural young people who face educational inequalities, racism, discrimination and underachievement in Scotland.

 We build trusting relationships and a cultural blend to deliver opportunities and a platform for young leaders. Our young people co-produce many events including an annual youth led Black History Month Youth Festival and open mic sessions to showcase undiscovered and often misrepresented and easy to ignore, young grass root gifts from all over Scotland.